About FluxxUashioN

FluxxUashioN is playing and creating with the senses while generating eye catching imagery. It is a process of discovering new ways to perceive reality and remembering our shared humanity.

It becomes a natural state of receiving and revealing. Ultimately, letting go. It implies ease and the amplifying of action. Think of it as the art of allowing the self to become a conscious creator.

FluxxUashioN is related to the unknown experience of previously untried things. Each abstract image within a painting is a surprise.

FluxxUashioN is a blending of spontaneous and random events, Pollock-like no-fault experimentation. It is exciting to play around with many different types of mixed mediums. FluxxUashioN brings forward images with ego energy but also brings the potential representation of something else.

FluxxUashioN represents FUN and seeks satisfaction in originality. When we realize, imperfections are beautiful and this is a masterpiece, anything goes.

Water movement keeps the momentum of the receptive mode. Pouring paint cycles in and out the quest for fullness and the thrill of the new inner “I” terrain. Third eye insights manifest from the ether space, while the other four elements balance the center.

FUN is effortless alignment, tuning into the inner genius vibration however it shows up in the hands. Dialing down general brain activity and bursting alpha waves in the right occipital cortex, the connections with regions of our cosmic selection emerge. The sharing of colors, shapes, sounds and intentions are closely tied together through the network of the World Wide Web.

FUN sets the motion beyond the innate pretty pinnate stars, galaxies, planets and moon amplification. shioN is the Light.
I shine on!

Like the children embrace brain blink at every and any age, let’s see what raising up our vibration can do for producing solutions and bridging the separation.

About Doctor Denel

Living life on the Big Island inspires me to create community. Hilo rain reminds me from where I came, not just a drop, but a wave, in the entire ocean.

The science of creativity must have been the next step on the path of first do no harm. My studies in naturopathic medical school provided me with the experiences that are now so embedded in my mind. Listening to patient’s stories is a practice that leads to intuition. Human anatomy and histology with all its magnificent cells magnified, allows for a look on the inside of the body. Invisible worlds beneath the skin now available in plain vision. Classic physics challenged the part of me that knew the quantum design. The double slit experiment suggested the act of observing has a dramatic effect on behavior. I remember wondering what’s next, what is it that I cannot see? The future field of some sort of “ology”?

My “outside the school-box” preceptorship with the matrix teacher taught me how the branch of science dealing with the properties of energy can be a catalyst for transformation. He is also a doctor who parts his hair down the middle and probably hears the sounds of violins long before it begins.

Shapes and natural patterns show up everywhere in my life. I document them in my macro IPhone lens, occasionally Instagramming flora and fauna fairies on the fish eye “net”.

Hidden messages in water reminds me of a homeopathic remedy. Imprinted geometric color in the crystals and water dilution increases the potency of “like cures like.”

The paintings also have words that come to mind. I will share these as they come along!